About What We Sea

What we sea gives the user the opportunity to delve into abstract information through an interactive experience. Interactive information graphics can make information experienceable and may allow to understand the relationship between individual facts more intuitively than static graphics. It thus may allow a more holistic discussion of the presented information.
The installation is designed for an exhibition context and aims to give a new perspective on the exploitation of the marine habitat in the world‘s oceans. It makes abstract facts and data about the the human relationship with the sea more accessible through experience and thereby increases the understanding of the issues at stake.
The experience is created through two elements. A touch-table that displays an interactive artificial ecosystem and a separate screen that shows background information and real footage according to the actions of the user. Thus the actions on the touch-table are directly related to consequences in the real world.
The piece allows a playful access to the complex and heated discussions around fishing. Although it only shows a small section of these issues, it can give an insight into these often confusing and contradictory facts by weaving them into an interactive cause and effect relationship. Furthermore, it allows the integration of more information and data.


Documentation (german)

download: YG_FT_WHAT_WE_SEA_Dokumentation.pdf